Our grouting equipment has arrived safely at work site in Kongsberg, Norway. It has been placed on its carrier to make transports run smoothly between the different sites within the project E134 Damåsen-Saggrenda.

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The project E134 Damåsen-Saggrenda

E134 is shortest road between Drammen and Haugesund and the main connection between eastern and western Norway. Today E134 between Damåsen and Saggrenda does not have a satisfactory road standard with regard to curvature and road width. The road passes through villages and urban areas, as well as into downtown Kongsberg. The stretch through Kongsberg is the most accident-loaded on E134 in Buskerud.

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SWOG 400 leaves the production site Marma Gård on its way to Kongsberg in Norway.
Customer Veidekke AS.

Insemoso AB delivered today its first self-made grouting equipment for tunnel sealing, SWOG 400 to Veidekke AS in Kongsberg, Norway. A brand new revolutionary way to seal the tunnels, where Stefan Sandman owner of Insemoso AB has the world patent on the machine.

Insemoso_AB_SWOG_400_Veidekke_AS Insemoso_AB_SWOG_400_Veidekke_AS_trailer