We work to develop and service machines in the areas of tunneling and dam construction.

We deliver not only a product under the brand SWOG® but also a new working method in the Scandinavian way of grouting in which we hold patents for Multi-hole grouting equipment. We focus on grouting where we have long experience and product knowledge of both the equipment and the use of equipment for tunneling. So that you feel safe in your work.

If you are in the grouting business and have equipment that you want to replace or repair, please contact us to discuss the possibilities to overhaul your existing equipment rebuild it with improvements or even replace it with a new unit.

We do travel all over the world to help out with startups and also troubleshoot and repair units that for some reason have stopped.


Sometimes the job is to big for the equipment !

So if you need assistance of any kind when it comes to grouting, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us we will do everything to support your wishes.